Click the coloured words to do things. Make sure you rub everything on everything else.


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I honestly thought would be like a riddle I heard once about escaping the room but with a different solution: You look at your reflection on the knife to see what you saw. You take the "saw" and cut the table in two with it. Two halves make a whole. Take the "w" from "whole" to make a hole. You and the man escape from the room through the hole. 

But no. Instead, I'm now I'm stuck here with a stranger who thinks I'm crazy as I argue with a stubborn knife about its political views. Its opinion on taxes is absurd, by the way.


good but there isn't a lot of choices. it made me laugh because I picked up the man and threw myself at the man


Game environment just begs to kill the man with knife


Great writing and use of twine as a faux adventure game 'use x with y' I really enjoyed it. Especially 'Use Man on Yourself'


First thing I did was kill myself.


Next was the man.

Then I rubbed myself on the man.

But did you rub the man on yourself?

Not yet but now I know what I'm doing with my evening.

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did you have a pleasant evening?

Worth it, especially when he gets off.