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Made using the Happy Fun Times system, Mainstream is a game for 1-50~something players. The way the game works is that once the game is set up on a computer, players can join the game over wi-fi using their phones as controllers. While there's no hard limit on the number of players that can join the game, at some point there wont be enough room on screen for everyone. Besides who has that many friends anyway?

The goal of the game is to become the largest fish. You do this be eating food and other players. However if you aren't in the stream in the centre of the screen (the "mainstream" if you will) you'll begin to shrink. Food doesn't spawn in the mainstream, and you can't eat other fish there either, so if you want to get bigger you'll have to leave the safety of the mainstream. However things aren't always safe in the mainstream either. Dangerous hooks will occasionally be cast into the river, and any fish hooked will loose any size that they've gained, and avoiding the hooks becomes more difficult as you get larger, as you also become slower.

There are two modes, Endless and Timed. In Endless mode the game never ends, and the only indication of who's winning is the leaderboard to the left. In Timed mode the game will end after a minute and a half, and at that point whoever is the largest fish will win.

Made By These Shockingly Beautiful People:

Aidan Morris

Jordan Goulbourne

Jesmin Hondell

Michael Arcadi

Rachel Keilhofer


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