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Cool game!  Short, but very fun and interesting.


Fun game! a little short but definitely worth playing! 

Hey! I checked out your game Doors! I gotta say it was pretty confusing to solve it at first but I got the hang of it! Sadly I wish there was more but it ended so soon :(. Oh wells it is what it is ! It's a great puzzle game, have to look at the room and every hint you can find so you can progress further! Thanks for providing the game hope ya don't mind i made a video on it :)

Fingers crossed for more doors. :)

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Nice little game. Ran very smoothly and played great. Not overly hard puzzles so it didn't get annoying. Good work... :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the game.

I really like this game, I could tell I'd like it before I even played it. I got the feeling there's multiple endings? 

Doors | Looping Puzzle Game ' I Think I'm Lost '


I'm so glad you liked it! Right now there's only the one ending, but if we keep working on it we might do more.


I want to know what I missed with the fire extinguisher 😂 But I don't expect you to publicise what it is in a comment  #spoilers