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Backfire is a first person shooter where you can only shoot behind you! When you fire your bullet goes in the opposite direction from where your looking. Naturally this makes shooting much more difficult, however fear not! For as luck would have it you conveniently happen to be fighting in a series of inescapable rooms filled with mirrors, allowing you to see whats behind you!

While best experienced with controllers, Backfire is playable using only a mouse and keyboard. P1 uses WASD to move, Mouse to look and fire, and Q to spin. P2 uses Arrow Keys to move, Numpad 4/6 to look around, Numpad 0 to fire, and Numpad 5 to spin. Make sure that Num Lock is enabled if you choose to play this way, as P2's controls wont work if its not active.


Made by these spinning cannons:

Michael Arcadi

Nathan Powless Lynes

Rachel Theil


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